Mid-South Senior Care Accepts Medicaid (TennCare Choices) and Most Long-Term Care Insurance!


Did you know that Medicaid (TennCare Choices) covers the cost of most non-medical in-home care services that Mid-South Senior Care offers as a TennCare Choices provider in the Memphis, TN area?  If you or a loved one are receiving Medicaid/TennCare benefits (or if you think you may qualify for Medicaid/TennCare) then contact Mid-South Senior Care to find out more about the TennCare Choices Program and see if you or your loved one may qualify for in-home care services covered by the TennCare Choices Program.


TennCare is the State of Tennessee’s Medicaid program that provides health care for 1.2 million Tennesseans. TennCare CHOICES in Long-Term Care (or “CHOICES”) is TennCare’s program for long-term care services. Long-term care includes help with everyday activities that you may no longer be able to do for yourself as you grow older or if you have a physical disability.  These activities include things like bathing, dressing, getting around your home, preparing meals, or doing household chores. 


Here are a few categories of in-home care services covered through the TennCare Choices Program:

  • Personal care visits Short visits of up to 4 hours where a caregiver will help you with activities such as getting out of bed, taking a bath, getting dressed, preparing and eating meals, or using the bathroom.
  • Attendant Care The same kinds of help you’d get with personal care visits, but for longer periods of time.
  • Homemaker Services Help with your household chores or errands such as laundry, sweeping, mopping or grocery shopping.
  • In-Home Respite Care Someone to stay with you in your home for a short time so your primary caregiver can get some rest.

Call Mid-South Senior Care today at (901) 766-7660 to learn more about the TennCare Choices Program and how you may be able to receive in-home care services covered by Medicaid / TennCare!


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